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Dry Socket And Wisdom Teeth Healing


Wisdom Teeth Healing

Dry Socket And Wisdom Teeth Healing

When wisdom teeth swelling, an immediate visit to your dentist or oral surgeon can help. The dentist will prescribe medication for the inflammation, but the permanent and best solution for wisdom teeth is to pull it out. However, in wisdom teeth extraction, there is complication that we call dry socket complication. Read and be well-informed about this to better prevent it.

The Dry Socket Complication

The dry socket complication or the alveolar osteitis is the common complication associated when you pulled your wisdom teeth out. This condition will likely to impede the fast wisdom teeth healing because of the loss of blood clot. An inadequate blood clot could not fill the socket of the gum and teeth delay the wisdom teeth healing.

What Are The Signs Of Dry Socket

If the patient suffers dry socket, he/she may experience the following:

  1. severe throbbing pain
  2. unpleasant taste and odor in the surgery area
  3. delayed recovering

These signs will not eventually appear after the surgery, but it will take few days. If you starting to experience or notice these signs the dentist can treat this with medication to ease the discomfort and avoid infection.

Usually, the surgeon will put medicated dressing every day on the surgical site. With added instructed and protocol, the patient is allowed to take rest at home. Having your teeth extracted before it gives you trouble can also be the perfect time where you can watch movie and video without minding the time.

Preventing The Risk Associated With Dry Socket

The wisdom teeth healing will be delayed if there is a complication in the removal of the wisdom teeth such as in the case when the patient experience dry socket. The days added to count on and the pain can be an added hassle so try as much to keep your mouth well-hydrated by drinking more water.


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