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Discover Facts about Root Canal Treatment

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Discover Facts about Root Canal Treatment

As one’s tooth badly decayed, the root canal treatment is a must. It is a process where the pulp and the nerve of the tooth are removed and tooth undergoes cleaning and sealing process. This will stop the infection from spreading and will save the tooth from total decay. The nerves of the tooth are not really necessary. Its main function is just to give sensation to cold and hot and the removal of the nerve will not actually affect the function of the tooth to chew. Meaning, one can perfectly chew solid food after the root canal treatment is done.

The nerve tissues inside or in the center of the tooth once removed will stop the action of the bacteria to multiply in the pulp chamber. However, in some cases when the decay is really spread out, extraction of the tooth is the last resolve that can be done.

If the decaying tooth is not immediately saved by the root canal procedure, irritation and infection will cause the gum to swell and hurt. The endodontist can perform root canal treatment to the patient once it detected that there is damage to the human dental pulp. In particular case, the dentist will discuss with you the type of procedure that can be done and it may no longer need an application of the anesthesia. However, for some patients, the dentist will apply local anesthesia to make the patients more comfortable and relax during the procedure.


Steps Involved In Root Canal Treatment

The very first thing after the dentist will inform you that there is a need to undergo a root canal treatment; he or she will cleanse the tooth, removing the pulp. During this process, the dentist may drill on the portion to completely remove the decayed part. After that, he will put a rubber sheet that prevents saliva from getting into the center or the side of the tooth to keep the portion dry. Once it is cleaned, the hole is being sealed. Sometimes, the dentist will skip a week before they do the sealing on the tooth. This happens when there is already infection and medication is needed for clean out. In sealing the hole, the gutta-percha or the rubber compound is placed in the hole to cover the space and further restoration of the tooth will be needed after the procedure. For that, the dentist shall explain to you what further dental job is needed.


The Pain: Root Canal Treatment


Most people who done undergone root canal treatment have said that this process of saving the tooth is painful however, it is just temporary and you may ask for local anesthesia if you want to be less comfy on the procedure. After the root canal treatment, the discomfort is usually controlled by pain relievers and antibiotics. You can expect that you can again get back to your old activity after a week. If the dentist will tell that your tooth needs root canal treatment, don’t freak! Even before, there is high possibility rate of success for those who had undergone root canal treatment and this can really save the tooth from decay.


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