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Different kinds of tooth infection in gum above tooth


infection in gum above tooth
infection in gum above tooth

Different kinds of tooth infection in gum above tooth

Dental infections can become very serious; sometimes even develop to jeopardize overall health. They can also be incredibly painful to deal with too. That is why it is important that you know the type of infections that can occur in your mouth.

What are the main kinds of dental infections?

Tooth decay

It is caused by the acid produced by the bacteria present in the teeth. Over time, the acid erodes the tooth and compromises its hardness. The main culprit of this infection is eating sweet foods, but also acidic foods (such as soft drinks) play an important role in erosion by altering the pH of the mouth. Caries can pave the way for other more serious oral infections. A really effective way to prevent simple tooth decay is to just brush and floss your teeth every day. Basic dental hygiene can prevent deeper tooth decay from forming and causing complex infections later on.


It is an inflammation of the pulp of the tooth. It occurs when dental caries deepen until it reaches the inside of the pulp although it can also occur in fractured teeth. Its symptoms include a moderate pain that comes and goes, especially strong when a cold liquid comes into contact with the pulp. An early sign of pulpitis can be dental sensitivity, such as when you eat sugary or cold foods. If you notice your teeth have become really sensitive lately, then you definitely need to get checked up.


It is a consequence of chronic gingivitis that occurs when the supporting bone structure of the tooth is eroded, causing the periodontal ligament to detach from the tooth. Children between 12 and 17 years old and adults over 30 are more likely to suffer from this problem. In very severe cases, a periodontal abscess may occur. The most common symptoms are redness, sensitivity, and swelling.


It is an infection that occurs when food particles and bacteria are introduced into the flaps of the gums. It is especially common when third molars erupt. The main symptom is a pain in the area of infection.

Abscessed tooth

It is one of the most serious infections that can affect people. It begins at the base of the tooth, but if left untreated, it can quickly become detached. When it is in severe phase, the bacteria quickly escape and cause inflammation in the face and significant pain. There are even severe cases, wherein the infection in gum above tooth will fill up with pus, causing your face to swell.

The best way to minimize the risk of any dental infection is to practice good oral hygiene, ensure that neither food nor other particles remain between the teeth for too long using dental floss and go to the dentist regularly. At the minimum you notice any symptoms of the infection; even if it is only slight pain, also visit your nearest clinic. Early intervention can stop the infection and prevent it from becoming more severe, painful and difficult to cure. It is always better to visit a dentist before your whole


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