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Dental Treatment: Abscess Tooth Removal

abscess tooth removal
abscess tooth removal

Dental Treatment: Abscess Tooth Removal

One of the dental problems that few may experience is a dental abscess. Like any oral and tooth problems, a quick response will definitely help to relieve the painful situation. If the pain is really bad, you can tell that the condition is really serious and may give you fever and leave damage. The abscess is a dental condition characterized by swelling of the face and neck areas. The mouth can also possibly feel soreness and intense pain. Altogether, the symptoms will make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable that is why abscess tooth removal shall be treated fast before it accumulates other parts of the body. In a severe case, the dentist shall prescribe antibiotic first before the abscess tooth removal to stop the infection. In here, we shall explain better why you are experiencing abscess and why you need to visit the dentist urgently.

Causes And Steps To Get Relief From Abscess Tooth

When a tooth decays on the center and not treated with a root canal, swelling and infection will develop because the bacteria will multiply fast. Brushing your teeth is not enough. Sometimes there is still cavities that are not removed with the normal brushing. If you do not visit your dentist for a dental cleaning, chances are you can be a candidate to have an abscessed tooth. This condition is noticed when there is a puss or fluid that is trapped in the gum or when the cavity is decaying the tooth. Even if the gum will try to flush out the fluid, sometimes in the gum line or in the tooth, there is no way that it can be drained. In a case like this, the dentist shall create a hole or insert thin metal to remove the fuss. Other than removing the fluid that is trapped, the pain will not be reduced. Drilling a hole in the center or top of the top and filling it back will save the tooth from further decay but when the tooth is severely damaged, abscess tooth removal is the only solution left.


It is never an option for the patient not to seek treatment and medication when he or she suffered from abscess tooth. Even if one is scared of going to the dentist, he or she will really have to since delaying it will only make the pain more intense and difficult to ignore. When you visit the dentist, pain relievers and antibiotics are prescribed first to attack the pain. This is just a temporary relief and after the swelling, the dentist can already proceed to root canal or abscess tooth removal.

Prevent Having An Abscess Tooth

The only way that you can be sure not to have an abscessed tooth is good oral hygiene. When the teeth are strong and cleaned all the time, there is no chance for the cavity to attack the teeth. Flossing, aside from usual brushing is highly recommended since there are some small particles that may be stuck in between teeth that are difficult to remove with a simple brushing of teeth. A regular visit to the dentist for check-ups and dental examination will also detect fast infected tooth that may not show any symptoms of pain yet. If this is done, it is easier and faster to monitor and save the tooth from decaying and getting damaged by cavities.


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