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Dental implants and other options for tooth replacement

dental implant
dental implant

Dental implants and other options for tooth replacement

When considering the restoration of missing teeth there are a few treatment modalities available. Each modality has specific qualities that must be evaluated to decide which is the best option for each patient according to their needs and desires. Treatment options for lost teeth include dental implants, fixed partial dentures or removable restorations. Before deciding on one or the other the patient must know them to choose, together with the dentist, their ideal option. Whenever you have got missing teeth from extractions or dental trauma, these are the various options that you have got in order to replace them.

What is the best treatment to replace lost teeth?

When we lose a tooth, the functional load is transferred to the remaining teeth. If the number of lost teeth increases, these forces increase, making it increasingly difficult to keep the teeth healthy. For this reason, it is important to act quickly and recover lost teeth with one of the solutions discussed below:

Removable partial denture

The removable partial denture is the cheapest treatment option to replace lost teeth and in some situations may be the only solution available due to the loss of bone and soft tissues. The addition of contour tissues in the denture can be a good solution in some situations to improve aesthetics ahead of other treatments. To properly distribute the forces and obtain optimal retention of the abutment teeth that support the removable partial denture, the use of crowns may be necessary.

Fixed partial denture

When the contour tissues of the ridge of the edentulous space and the adjacent teeth provide adequate support, the fixed partial denture allows the use of ceramic restorative materials that provide an optimal reconstruction. The main limitation of its use occurs when there is a loss of excessive tissue that changes the entire contour of the edentulous space. Because the fixed partial denture is held in the adjacent teeth it is vital that these are well aligned to achieve a good rehabilitation.

Implant-supported denture

The implant-supported denture or a dental implant is the solution that causes the least alteration in the remaining teeth. For this treatment to be successful, a sufficient amount of bone, as well as space, is necessary. With technological advances, diagnostic procedures can determine if it is possible to place the implants so that an unplanned procedure is never initiated.

When the patient wants this type of solution but has little bone, there is the possibility of increasing this amount through treatments such as bone grafting. In addition to being a good option at an aesthetic level, the implant-supported denture is the most comfortable solution that best maintains the ability to chew. An implant also looks and feels the most natural in terms of your options.

You should try and speak with your dentist to see what options they can offer you. They may suggest a specific kind of tooth restoration treatment that should fit your needs. So you should try and seek the opinion of your dentist to see what you have got in store for replacing missing teeth.


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