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Common Questions About Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction


About Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Common Questions About Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There are instances that it feels better when you have pre-knowledge of what shall you expect to happen especially when it comes to our health. On oral care, the wisdom teeth can sometimes give us hassle and pain because it is the last to erupt on our gums and often times, there is no longer space that can accommodate its size. As a result, it will be pushed. In some cases, the wisdom teeth swelling are due to the fact that it could not erupt from the gum. Here are few of the common questions that one may have when it comes to impacted wisdom tooth extraction:

Why impacted wisdom tooth extraction is being recommended by your dentist?

Typically, a wisdom tooth will only develop or appear when a person reached ages 17 to 25 years old. During these ages, all other teeth were already intact and there is no adequate space left and so will result in impaction. Thus, your dentist will recommend tooth extraction to avoid discomfort, cavities, and other gum problems.

How will I discover if I already have an impacted wisdom it or when my wisdom teeth appear?

Most cases, when wisdom teeth appear it is normally painful. Sometimes a teen will suffer fever due to the eruption of it on the gum but to visibly evaluate the position of the teeth the dentist will get an X-ray of on your teeth.

Are there any cases that wisdom teeth remained hidden on the gums?

Yes, there is. When the wisdom teeth could not erupt completely and trapped, this will cause complications such as pain, swell, and inflammation.

Is an impacted wisdom tooth extraction really needed?

Few people think that for as long as it does hurt, impacted wisdom tooth extraction is not really needed. This misconception could lead to damage your other teeth and may even cause gum disease. If there is a portion of your mouth that had been an ideal breeding for bacteria, the health of the other organs in your body such as kidney and heart will also compromise.


What is the best time to extract the impacted wisdom tooth?

It is important to remember that you need to undergo impacted wisdom tooth extraction before it can cause any problem. It is best that you will take a long off from work for recovery period or if you are a student, the best season to have an impacted wisdom tooth extraction is during off-sem or summer vacation.

Is it risky to have an impacted wisdom tooth extraction?

Pulling out the impacted wisdom tooth is just a simple procedure. It can be done with general anesthesia that could numb you and will often last for less than an hour or more depending on the severity of the condition. With prescribed medication and proper oral care after the procedure, you can heal fast.

After the extraction, what will happen?

In normal cases, the healing time could last only for few days or week. The surgeon will prescribe you to take pain reliever drugs to reduce the pain and a gauze pad to control the bleeding. An icepack is also necessary to lessen swelling on your check. After the procedure, you are allowed to rest for few days and eat soft food.




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