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Common Mistakes to Avoid that Can Cause Tooth Decay

tooth decay
tooth decay

Common Mistakes to Avoid that Can Cause Tooth Decay

You’re probably grinding your teeth or chomping on the end of your pencil right now as you are reading. Well, are you aware that these small habits of yours can cause tooth decay? This and many more. In order to protect your pearly whites, allow us to introduce the common mistakes that can damage your teeth without you even knowing it.

  1. Crushing ice using your teeth

If you are fond of chewing ice after you just finished a good vanilla milkshake, you need to stop doing it right now. Making it your habit will slowly strip off the enamel from your teeth, making it more vulnerable to cavities and fractures. If you think this is one of the habits that are hard to quit, we suggest you ask for crushed ice when having a drink. In that way, you can prevent you’re ruining your teeth in the process.

  1. Eating too cold food followed by a too hot food

You need to be wary of the temperature you’re putting your teeth into. Yes, eating a freshly-baked pizza and a cold soda sounds terrific but it can damage your teeth. Why so? The hot temperature lets the tooth enamel expand while the cold temperature contracts it in the process. You will also notice a sharp pain while you are eating. Hence, make sure that you tone down the temperature before putting the food inside of your mouth. In that way, you’ll be able to spare your tooth enable from roller coaster temperature.

  1. Drinking wine, soda, and sports drink

Unfortunately, the drinks we love the most are often the ones that destroy our teeth. We’re not saying to completely stop from drinking any of these goodies, but you might want to minimize your intake of wine, sports drink, and soda. Even a diet soda. The acidic drink can damage your teeth. If you want, you can eat cheese while drinking wine in order to tone down the acid and minimize the damage it will cause to your teeth.

  1. Chewing caramel candies

Do you like caramel and gummy bears? Well, sure you do. But your teeth won’t like them. Why so? Because the remnants of this chewy candies can get stuck between your teeth and since they’re naturally slim, it can be hard to get rid of it. If you think you can’t get rid of this habit, we suggest you brush your teeth and floss thoroughly after eating it. And for your information, there are also healthier candies that you can try eating in replacement of gummy bears and caramel candies.

These are just some of the bad habits you should quit in order to avoid tooth decay. It may seem small to you but it can produce a large impact on your teeth. Without you even knowing it, your teeth can get ruined in just a snap of a finger. So, what are you waiting for? Quit it now while it’s not too late!


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