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Can you die from a tooth infection?

can you die from a tooth infection
can you die from a tooth infection

Can you die from a tooth infection?

Dental abscesses or a tooth infection can be incredibly painful and really affect your day to day life, sometimes it may feel like you could die from a dental abscess. So can you die from a tooth infection? And how can you treat a dental abscess? Well, all of those questions and more can be answered in this post.


Dental infections can become very serious, as they can sometimes put the general health of the body at risk, so they must be taken very seriously. It is recommended to avoid all types of infections, go regularly to your dentist and carry proper dental hygiene.

One of the main diseases or dental infections most common is the formation of dental caries, which is caused by the acid produced by the bacteria present in the teeth, because over time, this acid deteriorates the tooth to weaken it considerably, causing bacteria to enter into the pulp chamber of the tooth.

The so-called dental pulp, is composed of nerves such as lymphatic vessels and blood vessels and the dentine is formed by small ducts that connect directly to the pulp, when the tooth is damaged by decay, enamel, and dentin are also damage and as a final result, inflammation of the dental nerve occurs

Injury in the tooth can be one of the common reasons for an infection. If a broken or chipped tooth does not receive adequate treatment, the condition could result in an abscess.

Ruptures in the tooth enamel are the perfect access for the bacteria that will end up spreading and infecting the centre of the tooth.

An infection can start from the root of the tooth or the bones of the jaw, and spread to the inside of the tooth through the nerve.

If pus accumulates inside the tooth, the patient may have swelling in the internal tissue, which is one of the causes of infection.

How do you treat an infected tooth?

First, an infected tooth should be seen by a dentist. However, if for some reason you cannot get a turn nor have an emergency, you can resort to these homemade and natural alternatives.

Apply a cold compress

If the infection began to spread through the gums and jaws, use an ice pack to reduce inflammation. Apply the ice on the cheek on the side of the infected tooth, so that the cold can reduce both pain and inflammation.

Make a mouth rinse

Take a glass of water at room temperature, add two tablespoons of fine salt, and use the liquid to make mouthwash. Make sure you mix well so that the salt does not get stuck in the bottom of the glass. This product acts as a mild antiseptic that will help eliminate bacteria and relieve pain.

Most of all, remember to see a dentist and they can recommend you treatment to help you deal with the pain. They may recommend extracting the tooth or performing a root canal treatment, to kill the nerve and remove the infection from the tooth.




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