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Can You Die From a Tooth Infection?

can you die from a tooth infection
can you die from a tooth infection

Can You Die From a Tooth Infection?

Most people neglect the danger that a tooth infection can bring mainly because they think they can handle it themselves. However, for curious minds asking, can you die from a tooth infection? The answer is yes. How so?

A 31-year old man named John Schneider from Mount Orab, Ohio died because of a tooth infection. He had battled with the pain from a toothache several months and although his close relatives are encouraging him to go visit a dentist, he neglected them and said he could not afford the expenses. Schneider convinced himself that it’s just a simple sinus infection and didn’t realize how bad it was until it took his own life.

An abscessed tooth, when neglected, can kill you. The infection from the root of your teeth will spread throughout your bloodstream, killing your body slowly until your organ refuses to function properly.

Now, this may sound like a tale to you but another case recorded of a 12-year old boy who died because of brain infection. And the main reason for it? an abscessed tooth. A 24-year old man as well, who happened to be the nephew of Bootsy Collins, also died because of an abscessed wisdom tooth that caused inflammation to his brain.

Recently, a report from the Pew Charitable Trusts have revealed that dental woes are one of the leading causes of approximately 830, 590 people getting admitted to the hospital last 2009. This number increased by about 26% from the data they have gathered in 2006, an alarming rate of dental problems that led to death.

Yes, mouth pain is sometimes tolerable. But what would happen if the patient refuses to go to the hospital and keep on taking painkillers to skip the problem instead?

An abscessed tooth, when neglected, can spread to the head and the neck of the patient. You will notice your jaw starting to disintegrate and the infection will work its way into your brain, causing inflammation. Unfortunately, this dental complication also causes endocarditis, a bacterial infection that swells the chambers of your heart and the inner lining of the valves. In most rare cases, an abscessed tooth can also cause you pneumonia, in the long run, causing the patient to have difficulty when breathing.

In order to prevent this misfortune from happening to you or any of your loved ones, it is important that you go to your dental appointments. In that way, your dentist will be able to detect any potential problems that can cause an abscessed tooth. They will either drain and clean it or just pull it out to make sure the there wouldn’t be any infection to start with.

If anyone would ask you, ‘can you die from a tooth infection?’ it is now your duty to inform them of the dangers it could bring to your health. It would also help them to combat the dental complication before it deteriorates into something you can’t handle anymore and lead to death.


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