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Before and after a wisdom tooth surgery



Before and after a wisdom tooth surgery
Before and after a wisdom tooth surgery

Before and after a wisdom tooth surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery is a procedure decided upon by dental experts after conducting series of tests to the patients.  After a patient is diagnosed with wisdom tooth swelling, He will determine whether the patient will need an extraction immediately or if the tooth is already infected, he may opt first giving the patient antibiotics to heal the infection, before proceeding with the surgery.  It is best to have a personal talk with your doctor before any procedure and let him know of any medication you are having now.  This will help him to evaluate you, to be able to come up with a successful procedure.

Before surgery.

It is necessary to be open to your doctor. Ask him things that you want to know.  The side effects and other matter, that may affect your daily life after surgery.

As this procedure involves slicing your gums to be able to remove the wisdom tooth completely, the doctor will put you in a local anesthesia, so that you will not feel the pain.  He may put the patient to sleep in some cases. After the procedure, he will put some stitches to join back the sliced part of the gums.  The entire procedure may last 45 minutes normally.

Most patients fell slight or no pain after, but minor discomfort will be felt within the 3 to 4 days post surgery.

After surgery,

it is best to avoid physical stress, much more on your mouth.  You can eat soft food and do some soft exercise to your mouth, by simply closing and opening it slowly.

Smoking, eating hard food and using a straw to drink, is a big no after surgery.  The most important thing to remember is not to forget to take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor. These sacrifices are temporary, compare to the benefits you will be getting after it’s healed.



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