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All about tooth removal


wisdom teeth removal

All about tooth removal

Tooth removal is a procedure often suggested by dentist when there is wisdom tooth swelling.  It is the last resort to permanently remove the discomfort and the pain of the patient.  If the dentist finds out that it still can be repaired, he will do so, but if not, he will recommend tooth removal.

Some of the reasons in coming up with the recommendation is the ff:  Severe tooth damage and gum disease, broken tooth that is un-repairable, crowded teeth and many more.  Usually the procedure is performed by your dentist in the clinic, but, in some cases, it is performed by an oral surgeon in a hospital.

Before any procedure, the doctor will be asking you about any health conditions, allergies, past surgery or if you are taking any medicine.  This is a crucial period, because the dentist wants to know more about your health condition, to be able to make a good decision and help in insuring a safe procedure.

The procedure is just so simple: Our tooth sets inside a socket and the dentist will just loosen your teeth, before removing it. Of course, an anesthetic will be injected around your tooth.  The procedure should be painless and if you will feel a little pain, you should inform your dentist.

After the tooth removal, the dentist might prescribe some pain reliever and antibiotics, to make sure you will not get infected.  He might also recommend for you to use an anti-bacterial gargle.

Side effects are sometimes felt after any tooth removal. Sometimes, you will have swelling, but after few days, it should be gone.  What is important is you follow every instruction’s, given by the dentist, to avoid any injury.

Tooth removal is just a simple medical procedure, nothing to be afraid of. A little pain, but the gain is more.


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