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A Swollen Gum Abscess

swollen tooth abscess
swollen tooth abscess

A Swollen Gum Abscess

Have you heard of a swollen tooth abscess? Or you have heard of a swollen gum abscess?These are two kinds of dental conditions that if left uncheck, will cause you more damage. In this article, the focus is more in swollen gum abscess.

What is a swollen gum abscess? And what causes it?

A swollen gum abscess is a condition, where pus filled sac, start forming beneath the gum area.  This will cause intense pain, because of the pressure from inside the gums.

Below are some tips to manage a swollen gum abscess;

  1. First, come prevention of it from developing. Like in any crime stories, it will be logical, to prevent a crime from happening, than letting it happen and solving it later.  By practicing prevention, it will save you so much effort and resources.  It will prevent you from experiencing, the pain and discomfort and pain, that l comes with the condition.  Proper brushing of your teeth, mouth washing, with medically recommended solutions, rinse and gargles too, will help clean the area’s surrounding the teeth.


Most of all and the best attitude to practice, is regular visits to your dentist.  Dentist is can very best give you the proper do’s and don’ts.


  1. This is the last resort for the condition. When you have notice of the symptoms, it is advised that you immediately see your dentist. Because of his knowledge and expertise, he will be able to guide you through it.  This will make sure, that, the condition will be dealt with, accordingly.

With early detection, diagnoses and treatment, you will be assured, that, the same condition, will not occur the second time.


One last thing, after the treatment, be sure to follow the advises of the dentist. Complete the medications and you will have a complete recovery. And you won’t need the dentist again.





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