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5 Ways That Can Crack Your Teeth And Ways to Prevent it

Cracked teeth
Cracked teeth

5 Ways That Can Crack Your Teeth And Ways to Prevent it


Your teeth are naturally strong, but if you abuse it, it’s not surprising that it will crack. Now, having a cracked tooth isn’t attractive or pleasing at all. In fact, it can damage your self-confidence. Here are the five ways that can crack your teeth and methods that can help you prevent it.

  1. Playing extreme sports

Athletes are prone to chip and cracked teeth. They are most vulnerable especially if they don’t wear protective gear while playing. If you are fond of playing extreme sports, you might want to pay more attention to your teeth while you’re playing. A full-contact sport like football or soccer can easily crack your teeth because of an injury. Same thing if you happened to fall on a tennis court or in a bowling alley while you are playing. The risks are everywhere.

Hence, in order to prevent your teeth from getting cracked, we highly suggest you invest in a quality mouth guard that can protect your teeth while you are playing. You can ask your dentist for a customized mouth guard if you are uncomfortable with the mouth guards provided by the school or sports organization.

  1. Chewing hard food

Popcorn kernels are the best, right? But your teeth wouldn’t be really happy if you keep on chewing hard food because it can cause chipping and cracking to your teeth. Shelled nuts, frozen fruits, caramel candy, even crackers, and ice can pose a threat to your teeth.

In that case, we suggest you drive yourself away from this kind of food items. If you can opt for boneless and soft food that your teeth can handle. Make sure that you use your teeth evenly when you are chewing.

  1. Treating your teeth as a knife or a scissor

Ever opened a package using your teeth because you can’t spot a knife or a scissor around? Well, think again. If you keep on using your teeth as tools, you will end up cracking them. Do not do it. If you are driven by the urge to use your teeth, look for a scissor or something sharp that will do the work. Just don’t use your teeth.

  1. Unconsciously grinding your teeth

Do you find yourself grinding your teeth when you are lost in your own thoughts? You need to stop this bad habit. Constantly grinding your teeth can strip off the natural enamel, making the teeth vulnerable.

One of the causes of grinding your teeth is stress. Hence, you need to manage your stress properly so it doesn’t result in a bad habit like grinding your teeth during nighttime. It could happen without you even knowing it.

These are the ways that you unconsciously do to result in a cracked tooth. Make sure that you avoid it at all costs. Cracked tooth can lead to a serious dental problem when neglected. It is important that you take care of your teeth because aside from having pearly whites, it is also pleasant if it’s strong enough to last for an extended period of time.


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