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5 Steps And Symptoms To Know If Your Tooth Is infected

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infected moral

5 Steps And Symptoms To Know If Your Tooth Is infected


Poor oral hygiene and other dental injuries may result in damage to the teeth or infection in the gum and tooth. This will cause you to feel throbbing pain especially if you have infected molar or abscess. It is not only painful, it can also lead to serious infection to other major organs like the brain as bacteria can spread and reach other organs if not treated by the dentist. Here are the 5 steps that enable you to tell that your tooth is infected.

  1. Assessing The Severity Of Toothache

Anyone experience toothache would really tell that it is painful so if the infected molar or teeth started to give you pain, it can be sharp and throbbing like it radiates upward to the side of the face to where your ear and jaw are located. Normally, the dentist will tap the side and top of the teeth to check if it hurt since it is normal for the infected molar or teeth to be painful when it is tapped by the probe. You have to remember that if the infection is really bad, it can be difficult to tell where the pain or infected area is coming from, that is why tapping is needed in checking and assessing which are infected and other times, the dentist will really have to do an x-ray on your mouth.

  1. Sensitiveness Of The Tooth

Normal healthy teeth will never react to the hot or cold sensation. You will not feel pain or tingling sensation but if there are small holes in the tooth enamel or should we say there is an infected molar tooth, and then you will really feel lingering pain when you drink hot milk or eat cold food like ice cream. Besides the cold and hot sensitivity, eating something sweet will also let you experience dental pain.

  1. Painful When Chewing

Another way you know that you had an infected molar is when eating time. Chewing solid foods can cause abscessed teeth or infected molar to pain because of the pressure you exerted while chewing. Those pains that are not associated with an ear infection most likely tell that you already had infected molar or infected tooth.

  1. The Presence Of Swelling And Pus

When there an infected molar or tooth, the gum will swell and usually, you may taste unpleasant discharge of fluid from the tooth or gum. This may look like a pimple that will form near the tooth that is infected or may also way severe that it can reach down to the tooth’s root. It is already expected that you had bad breath due to the bacteria that is still in the teeth or gum. In long run, your tooth can turn to grey or brown as the dead cells will begin to emit toxic product.

  1. You Experience Fever

Due to infection in the teeth or gum, the body will definitely react and give you a fever. It may be normal yet it can be serious health illness if you will get chills and nausea. This may make you feel weak and dehydrated so look for medication to lower down your temperature.


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