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3 Important Steps That You Should Do When Having a Tooth Abscess Swelling

tooth abscess swelling
tooth abscess swelling

3 Important Steps That You Should Do When Having a Tooth Abscess Swelling

When people suffer from a tooth abscess swelling, the initial thing that they do is to schedule an emergency consultation with their professional dentist. However, what they did not know is that there are also some important steps that they must do first before they rush to their dentist’s clinic. You will see on the list below what these important steps are.

The list below will show you the important steps that you need to take when you have a tooth abscess swelling.


  1. Use the Tongue to Feel the Mouth

This first important step is to make sure that the dental condition which you experience is really a tooth abscess swelling. This step also helps you to determine the swelling condition of it, whether it is already severe or not. You only need to use the tongue in your mouth to feel the area where the swelling abscessed tooth is located.


  1. Create a Mixture of Salt and Water

After doing the first step, you can now move to this second important step. Here, you should create a mixture of half a teaspoon of table salt and an eight ounce of lukewarm water. After that, you will gargle this mixture inside the mouth for at least a minute. This mixture will help you to alleviate the pain caused by a tooth abscess swelling.


  1. Keep Rinsing the Mixture in the Mouth

The third and final important step is that you must continue doing the rinsing of the mixture in your oral mouth so that the pain will completely reduce. This step could be a first – aid solution for your tooth abscess swelling before you go to your professional dentist’s clinic.

You should be reminded that these important steps are not a treatment for this dental condition but instead only a short-term solution.


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