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3 Common Kinds of Fractured Tooth That You Need To Know

fractured tooth
fractured tooth

3 Common Kinds of Fractured Tooth That You Need To Know

As of today, most people usually suffer from a fractured tooth due to some reasons such as accidents and too much eating of hard candies. However, you may not know that there are various kinds of fractures that might occur on your teeth. The common kinds will be shown on the list below so you should read on.

What goes on the list are the common kinds of fractures that you might encounter on your teeth.

  1. Minor Cracks

The minor cracks or also known as craze lines are a kind of fracture that can be seen on the teeth’s outer surface. This condition of the fractured tooth does not usually need immediate and sudden treatment. Nonetheless, you still need to have it checked by a professional dentist so that the rough areas will be polished.

  1. Broken Cusp

This kind of fracture commonly affects the teeth’s chewing pointed surfaces or also known as cusps. This condition does not cause severe and intolerable pain in the tooth. Also, broken cusps have no impact on the teeth’s pulp. Still, it is a nice idea if you go to a professional dentist to let him fix the damage so that the shape of the tooth will be restored.

  1. Split Tooth

Another common condition of the fractured tooth is the split tooth which is a very serious kind of fracture on the tooth. Split tooth refers to a tooth that has break vertically into separate pieces. This condition can also affect the roots of the teeth. With this, you need to undergo three different procedures given by a professional dentist to treat this condition.

If you want to have more information about this dental issue, you should seek the help of a professional dentist in your area


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